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Introduction to Offensive Security

Hackers, Money and the Mafia.
This is the story of the Carbanak Hack, the largest and most astonishing cyber attack the world has ever se

Introduction to Cyber Defense

Introducing defensive security and related topics, such as threat intelligence, SOC, DFIR, and SIEM.

Careers in Cybersecurity

Cyber security careers are becoming more in demand and offer high salaries. There are many different jobs within the security industry, from offensive pentesting (hacking machines and reporting on vulnerabilities) to defensive security (defending against and investigating cyber attacks).


Networks are simply things connected. For example, your friendship circle: you are all connected because of similar interests, hobbies, skills and sorts.

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NIMBUS-AI Student Program

by Nathaniel Obalade -

NIMBUS-AI School Program (NSP) is a free cybersecurity training for school students, professionals going through a career change, and anyone interested in becoming an ethical hacker. It is immersive and fun. Watch out for new course releases

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